Marcus King - Mood Swings (Indie Exclusive, Orange LP Vinyl) UPC: 602465085525

Marcus King - Mood Swings (Indie Exclusive, Orange LP Vinyl)

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Marcus King - Mood Swings [Explicit Content]

  • Indie Exclusive
  • Orange LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition 

RELEASE DATE: 4/5/2024


Mood Swings was produced by Rick Rubin. Marcus King states, "In the early summer of 2020 I arrived at Shangri-La for my first meeting with my hero, the legend, Mr. Rick Rubin. As soon as Rick & I met it was like a spark in the room! I immediately felt welcomed, appreciated and mutually admired. Rick and I had a wonderful first introduction and he left me in the capable hands of his Ace engineer Jason Lader, an incredible engineer who would become a dear dear friend. Jason and I toured the space and just for fun decided to track something, what we tracked was the title track 'Mood Swings.' I laid down guitar and vocals, we added Rhythm Ace R77 drum machine with tape delay to achieve the swing we desired, added bass & piano and after half an hour the track was finished.

The track and album title Mood Swings is a play on the swinging nature of the material while also referencing my up and down shifts in mood while I was either abusing the wrong substances, in between mood stabilizing meds and anti-psychotics, self-medication on top of that, along with a foot locker FULL of repressed childhood trauma all being taken out on my relationship at the time."

Reflecting on the album, Rick Rubin says, "I love the way listening to this album makes me feel. I can't think of another project quite like this one. Marcus's playing and singing are from another planet."

Regarding the importance of the record, King has this to share: "I hope this album can act as a safety blanket, a rescue, or a refuge for anybody struggling with mental health, substance abuse, or relationship issues. That's what it is for me."


1 Mood Swings
2 F*ck My Life Up Again
3 Soul It Screams
4 Save Me
5 Hero
6 Delilah
7 Inglewood Motel (Halestorm)
8 Bipolar Love
9 Me Or Tennessee
10 Cadillac

LABEL: Republic Records
UPC: 602465085525

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