Electric Hellfire Club - Burn Baby Burn (Orange Vinyl)

  • $39.99

Electric Hellfire Club - Burn Baby Burn

  • 2x Orange Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 9/9/2022 Postponed to11/18/2022

The long-awaited vinyl pressing of the 1993 debut album from legendary cult band, The Electric Hellfire Club!

Founded by singer Thomas Thorn shortly after he left My LIUfe With The Thrill Kill Kult, EHC was steeped in dark electronic music just as much as it was steeped in Satanism and the Occult! This reissue features digitally remasterd audio and revamped artwork assisted by Thorn including several never-before-seen band photos!


1 Invocation / Age of Fire
2 Psychedelic Sacrifice
3 Fall from Grace
4 Prodigal Son (A Libertine's Lament)
5 Mr. 44
6 Where Violence Is Golden
7 The Electric Hellfire Acid Test
8 Epitaph
9 Black Bus
10 Psychedelic Sacrifice (Say You Love Satan Mix)
11 Satan's Little Helpers
12 Mr. 44 (Sam Speaks Mix)
13 Baptized in Blood
14 Mr. 44 (Sean Sellers Mix)
15 Kali on Acid (Acid Test Mix)
16 Night of the Buck Knives (Altamont Mix)

LABEL: Cleopatra
UPC: 889466318313

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