Chisel - What A F***ing Nightmare (CD) UPC: 810540036144

Chisel - What A F***ing Nightmare (CD)

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Chisel - What A F***ing Nightmare 

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RELEASE DATE: 2/9/2024


“The band was once described as a 'fucking nightmare' to be around, whilst we are lovely people we do embrace the chaos that comes with all of this so found it fitting to title our next album as such. The songs themselves mainly follow this theme but relate to all aspects of life. Lyrically, it is more of the same... no metaphorical meanings, no fantastical story telling, no pretentious bollocks.... Just tales of a life lived as it will always be.”


1. What A Fucking Nightmare
2. No Gimmicks
3. Cry Your Eyes Out
4. Nice To Meet You
5. Living For Myself
6. Fuck 'Em
7. Lying Little Rat (Propaganda)
8. Bloodsucker
9. Aint Seen Nothing Yet
10. Those Days
11. Evil by Evil
12. Tomorrow
13. Vengeance Is For Me
14. What Do You Mean
15. Cuts Like A Knife
16. What I See

LABEL: Pure Noise
UPC: 810540036144

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