The Dead South - Chains & Stakes (CD) UPC: 836766007430

The Dead South - Chains & Stakes (CD)

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The Dead South - Chains & Stakes

  • CD

RELEASE DATE: 2/9/2024


The Dead South grow more adventurous and assured with each new album. For their fourth full-length record, they brought producer Jimmy Nutt to Mexico City, where they recorded 13 songs full of plot twists, family trees, grudges, insurance scams, bacon, burials, banjo riffs and more. The Dead South flawlessly execute banjo rolls and lightning fast mandolin tremolos, 3-part harmonies and songs of classic themes -murder ballads, disloyalty, ghosts and the like, with a wink and a smile. Where Bluegrass meets Bach meets Billy Talent, for fans of Frank Sinatra and Tool alike, you’ll find The Dead South’s Chains & Stakes. Chains & Stakes is truly a “Dead South” collection in the balance of darkness and levity that has come to define their unmistakable style.


1. Blood On The Mind
2. Yours To Keep
3. 20 Mile Jump
4. Where Has the Time Gone
5. A Little Devil
6. Son of Ambrose
7. Clemency
8. Completely, Sweetly
9. A Place I Hardly Know
10. The Cured Contessa
11. Tiny Wooden Box
12. Yore
13. Father John

LABEL: Six Shooter Records
UPC: 836766007430

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