Sinkane - We Belong (Purple LP Vinyl)

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Sinkane - We Belong

  • Purple LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 4/5/2024


We Belong, is the eighth studio album from Sinkane, a band led by multi-instrumentalist Ahmed Gallab. And like much of Sinkane's previous releases, it resists genre. It's pop. It's funk. It's electronic. It blends the gritty punk newness of a 70s and 80s New York with the steady, foundational soul of the rhythms of his native Sudan. Though We Belong comes deep into the catalog of a long career, it also resists stagnation. It moves and travels-through words and eras, through emotion and healing. Gallab calls this album his "love letter to Black music," and each track pulses with the energy of different eras and forms: the gospel-soaked "Everything Is Everything," the dreamy, Quiet Storm-influenced Afro-beats of "Rise Above," the 70s-funk of "We Belong" and it's Sly Stone influence, the Stevie Wonder-edged "Another Day"-they tell a story about Black music and Black people.


Come Together
Another Day [featuring STOUT and Bilal]
Rise Above
Invisible Distance [featuring Tru Osborne]
Everything is Everything [featuring Tru Osborne]
We Belong [featuring STOUT]
How Sweet Is Your Love
Home [featuring Hollie Cook]
The Anthem [featuring STOUT]

LABEL: City Slang
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