Ananga Martin - Santa Ana (CD) UPC: 195269298234

Ananga Martin - Santa Ana (CD)

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Ananga Martin - Santa Ana
  • CD 
  • Limited Edition of 100

RELEASE DATE: 5/17/2024

Ananga Martin's music embodies a captivating narrative, mirroring the vivid chapters of her life—from the sun-soaked embrace of California's Orange Groves to the echoes of the Appalachian Hollers. Each note and lyric pays homage to the profound beauty of her inner world and the mesmerizing landscapes that shape the places she has called home. Guided by a commitment to authenticity, the recording process of "Santa Ana" embraced a raw and intimate approach.

With minimal processing during mixing, the natural dynamics of each song were preserved, allowing the essence of the music to resonate with unfiltered honesty. Enhancing this ambiance, the album features the haunting sounds of a vintage Gibson spring reverb, and field recordings of West Virginia thunder storms that are intricately woven into Ananga's music.

Santa Ana will be available for your listening pleasure on Vinyl (Standard Eco Vinyl, Wax Mage, and Club Editions) CD, and all major streaming platforms this coming spring.

1. Santa Ana
2. Violet
3. Peggy and Irene
4. 444
5. Hippocrene
6. Baptêm
7. The Hold and The Flow
8. Turning Leaves

Label: Nail City Record 
UPC: 195269298234

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