Mick Harvey - One Man's Treasure / Two of Diamonds 2LP (Gold & Red Vinyl)

Mick Harvey - One Man's Treasure / Two of Diamonds 2LP (Gold & Red Vinyl)

  • $39.99

Mick Harvey - One Man's Treasure / Two of Diamonds 
  • Limited Edition
  • Double Vinyl LP
  • Two Mick Harvey Albums: One Man's Treasure (2005) & Two of Diamonds (2007)
  • One Man's Treasure on Gold Vinyl
  • Two of Diamonds on Red Vinyl
  • First Time Either Album Has Been on Vinyl
  • Gatefold Sleeve
  • Limited-Time, High-Definition Digital Download Code
RELEASE DATE: 1/13/2023

Mute is excited to announce the reissue of Mick Harvey's third and fourth solo albums, One Man's Treasure & Two of Diamonds, together on limited edition double color vinyl (disc one: gold, disc two: red). This release is packaged in a gatefold sleeve and includes a limited-time, high-definition audio download code.

Mick Harvey's acclaimed One Man's Treasure, originally released in 2005, is a collection of original tracks alongside covers of tracks chosen for Mick's personal connection with each track. These covers include "First St. Blues" by country-pop singer Lee Hazelwood, Tim Buckley's "The River," and "Mother of Earth" by Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club.

The second album included is Harvey's Two of Diamonds, released in 2007. Following the positive reaction to One Man's Treasure, Harvey was reinvigorated to record a new album. This time his band accompanied Harvey: Rosie Westbrook (double bass) and fellow Bad Seeds James Johnston (organ and guitar) and Thomas Wydler (drums), along with guest musicians Rob Ellis from P.J. Harvey's band (piano/drums) and Julitha Ryan (piano) of Melbourne's Silver Ray. In true Mick Harvey fashion, Two of Diamonds is an eclectic collection of songs: obscure classics combined with original Harvey compositions, including "Out of Time Man," which featured prominently in various TV series including Breaking Bad, Orphan Black and The Tourist.


LP1 - One Man's Treasure (2005)
  1. First St. Blues
  2. Come into My Sleep
  3. Louise
  4. Come On Spring
  5. Demon Alcohol
  6. Man Without a Home
  7. Planetarium
  8. The River
  9. Hank Williams Said It Best
  10. Bethelridge
  11. Mother of Earth
  12. Will You Surrender?

LP2 - Two of Diamonds (2007)
  1. Photograph
  2. I Don't Want You on My Mind
  3. Sad Dark Eyes
  4. Here I Am
  5. Blue Arrows
  6. No Doubt
  7. Everything Is Fixed
  8. A Walk on the Wild Side
  9. Little Star
  10. Slow-Motion-Movie-Star
  11. Out of Time Man
  12. Home Is Far from Here

LABEL: Mute U.S.
UPC: 5400863009366

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