Pink Shabab - Never Stopped Loving You

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Pink Shabab - Never Stopped Loving You
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Joseph Carvell returns to Karaoke Kalk with his sophomore album under the Pink Shabab moniker. »Never Stopped Loving You« was for the most part written between Spring and late Summer 2020 in his Camberwell home and like his 2019 debut »Ema by the Sea« recorded in the South of France together with Emmanuel Mario, better known as Astrobal. It’s a record informed by feelings of nostalgia, love, longing, romance and loss and, much like his previous album, displays Carvell's knack for making introversion sound extroverted. As a bassist, his approach to songwriting is both rhythmic and melodic, making the resulting music just as visceral as it is emotive. Much like the record’s title can be understood as both a lament or an expression of joyful dedication, the music on »Never Stopped Loving You« is profoundly ambiguous.

1. Kiosk Instrumental
2. Run away
3. Show your love
4. Let go
5. You stepped out of my life
6. San Junipero
7. Second Time
8. Why did I leave you that morning
9. All the way

LABEL: Karaoke Kalk
UPC: 880918254050

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