Passenger - All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition, Sunrise Colored LP Vinyl) UPC: 5065002092212

Passenger - All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition, Sunrise Colored LP Vinyl)

  • $26.98

Passenger - All The Little Lights

  • Anniversary Edition
  • Sunrise Colored LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition 

RELEASE DATE: 12/1/2023


Life changes forever in a moment. However, that doesn't mean it happens overnight. Thousands of days, hundreds of months, and dozens of years often precede such a pivotal change. Just ask Passenger. It took years of busking, writing, recording and touring to prepare him for 2013's All The Little Lights, the multiplatinum selling record that plays host to the global phenomenon "Let Her Go." To say "life changed" for the UK-born singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg is a massive understatement... Now, he's celebrating everything before, during, and after this era with All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition), due for release November 2023. "I see my career as having two distinct phases - before 'Let Her Go' and after it," he notes. "Before, I was busking, staying in hostels and on friend's couches, traveling around and playing in pubs. I wrote all the songs on this album in the middle of this amazing adventure."

1 Side A Things That Stop You Dreaming (Anniversary Edition)
2 Let Her Go (Feat. Ed Sheeran - Anniversary Edition)
3 Staring at the Stars (Anniversary Edition)
4 All the Little Lights (Anniversary Edition)
5 Wrong Direction (Anniversary Edition)
6 Circles (Feat. Gabrielle Aplin - Anniversary Edition)
7 Side B Keep on Walking (Anniversary Edition)
8 Patient Love (Anniversary Edition)
9 Life's for the Living (Feat. Foy Vance - Anniversary Edition)
10 Holes (Anniversary Edition)
11 Feather on the Clyde (Feat. Nina Nesbitt - Anniversary Edition)

LABEL: Nettwerk Records
UPC: 5065002092212

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