Prince - Batman (Original Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP) 603497839414

Prince - Batman (Original Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

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Prince - Batman
  • Vinyl LP
RELEASE DATE: 09/08/23 

Batman is one of the most beloved cult films of all time, and its accompanying soundtrack from Prince helped propel it to further success. Comprised of Nine original songs, it included hit singles "Batdance" and "Partyman", as well as "Scandalous," all of which were written and performed by Prince. This album was an instant success, providing a memorable soundtrack for this legendary movie.

  1. The Future
  2. Electric Chair
  3. The Arms of Orion
  4. Partyman
  5. Vicki Waiting
  6. Trust
  7. Lemon Crush
  8. Scandalous
  9. Batdance
LABEL: Warner Bros.
UPC: 603497839414

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