Brasstracks - Golden Ticket [Explicit Content] (Deluxe Edition)

Brasstracks - Golden Ticket [Explicit Content] (Deluxe Edition)

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Release Date: 01/08/2021

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Brasstracks - "Golden Ticket" Deluxe version of Brasstracks' debut full length album with 3 new tracks; two alternate versions of the lead single, "Golden Ticket" and a fan favorite, "Swerve" featuring rapper Pell. EXPLICIT [2 LP] [Deluxe Edition]


1 Basket Case
2 Hold Ya
3 Nothing Better
4 Will Call
5 Not Far Away
6 Disco Break
7 Change for Me
8 Guidelines
9 Missed Your Call
10 Disco Break 2
11 Golden Ticket
12 Movie
13 Three Steps
14 Swerve
15 Golden Ticket (Jerreau Vandal Remix)
16 Golden Ticket/Basket Case (Live)

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