Howlin Rain - The Dharma Wheel (Colored Vinyl)

Howlin Rain - The Dharma Wheel (Colored Vinyl)

  • $31.98

 Howlin Rain - The Dharma Wheel

  • Colored Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 10/8/2021

Presenting Howlin Rain's grand-scale new studio album: The Dharma Wheel, a six-track, 52-minute dive into a joyous fantasy realm. A sonic travelogue of prog funk, psychedelia, bygone West Coast jam music and watermelon rock. The triumph of a working band!

1 Prelude
2 Don't Let the Tears
3 Under the Wheels
4 Rotoscope
5 Annabelle
6 Dharma Wheel

LABEL: Silver Current
UPC: 733102719814

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