Jojo - Jojo

Jojo - Jojo

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Jojo - Jojo
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The debut self-titled album by singer Jojo. Originally released in 2004 by Da Family Entertainment and Blackground Records, the album features pop and R&B influenced tracks and vocal maturity well beyond typical thirteen year olds. Featuring the explosive single, "Leave (Get Out)," the platinum selling album debuted at number four on the Billboard 200, and established Jojo as a pop force for years to come.

1 Breezy
2 Baby It's You
3 Not That Kinda Girl
4 The Happy Song
5 Homeboy
6 City Lights
7 Leave (Get Out)
8 Use My Shoulder
9 Never Say Goodbye
10 Weak
11 Keep on Keepin' on
12 Sunshine
13 Yes or No
14 Fairy Tales

LABEL: Blackground Records
UPC: 194690558061

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