Various Artist - Best of Black Sabbath (White/ Red Marble Vinyl)

Various Artist - Best of Black Sabbath (White/ Red Marble Vinyl)

  • $32.98

Release Date: 10/30/2020

  • 2xlp 180g vinyl
  • White and red marbled colored vinyl.
  • Gatefold Jacket 


In uproarious celebration of Black Sabbath's 50th anniversary, Magnetic Eye presents a double-album featuring 15 heart-stopping renditions of classic tunes from across the Sabbath discography by some of the riff-heaviest bands in the worldwide stoner doom scene. As a companion piece to Vol. 4 Redux, Best of Black Sabbath features both faithful takes and almost unrecognizable re-creations, all in devotion and tribute to the godfathers of metal. Best of Black Sabbath includes ripping tracks from Earthless, Rwake, Caustic Casanova, Howling Giant, Elephant Tree and more.

- Disc 1 -

1 Earthless - Never Say Die
2 Caustic Casanova - Wicked World
3 Summoner - a National Acrobat
4 Black Electric - Sweet Leaf
5 Rwake - the Rwrit
6 Ginsburg/Margera/Reeder/Rota - Nib
7 Year of the Cobra - Planet Caravan

- Disc 2 -
1 Hippie Death Cult - Fairies Wear Boots
2 Leather Lung - Hole in the Sky
3 Mooner - the Wizard
4 Solace - Electric Funeral
5 Howling Giant - Lord of This World
6 Elephant Tree - Paranoid
7 Brume - Solitude
8 Saint Karloff - Sleeping Village

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