Jaime Wyatt - Feel Good (Indie Exclusive, Bubble Gum LP Vinyl)

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Jaime Wyatt - Feel Good

  • Indie Exclusive
  • Bubble Gum LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition


“I’m still learning how to experience joy, how to be free, how to be comfortable in my own skin,” says Jaime Wyatt. “A lot of us grow up feeling like we have to hide who we are just to be accepted, but that comes from a place of fear and judgment. I wrote these songs as a way of letting go of all that, as permission to feel good.”

Feel Good, Wyatt’s extraordinary new album, is more than just a permission slip, though: it’s an invitation. Recorded with Black Pumas’ Adrian Quesada, the record is bold and ecstatic, built on tight, intoxicating grooves that belie the songs’ substantial emotional stakes. Wyatt’s writing is raw and intuitive here, tapping into the deep recesses of her subconscious as she reckons with grief and growth, and her delivery is visceral to match, cutting straight to the bone with equal parts sensitivity and swagger. Taken as a whole, the collection stands as a radical act of creative liberation from an artist already known for pushing limits, a genre-defying work of healing and self-love that tips its cap to everything from Al Green and Otis Redding to Waylon Jennings and Bobbie Gentry in its relentless pursuit of peace and pleasure.


1. World Worth Keeping
2. Feel Good
3. Back To The Country
4. Love Is a Place
5. Hold Me One Last Time
6. Where The Damned Only Go
7. Althea
8. Fugitive
9. Jukebox Holiday
10. Ain’t Enough Whiskey
11. Moonlighter

Label: New West Records
UPC: 607396576210

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