Brandi Carlile - In These Silent Days (In The Canyon Haze) (Deluxe Edition, 2LP)

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Brandi Carlile - In These Silent Days (In The Canyon Haze)
  • 2x Vinyl LP
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Acoustic Reimagining of the Entire In These Silent Days Album, Track by Track
  • Bonus Track: "Space Oddity"
RELEASE DATE: 11/25/2022

The deluxe edition of Brandi Carlile's acclaimed #1 album, In These Silent Days, entitled In The Canyon Haze, features new reimagined Laurel Canyon-inspired versions of each song from the original album plus a special rendition of David Bowie's "Space Oddity." The album was produced by Carlile and the twins, Phil and Tim Hanseroth, and recorded at their home barn studio.

"I knew I wanted to offer our fans more than just the usual 'bonus track' that always feels like a creative way to ask fans to buy your album twice!" explains Brandi. "So, the twins and I locked ourselves in the attic studio in my barn just like the old days...and we reimagined our entire record.

"Inspired by these past few life altering years of 'Joni Jams,' I conjured up imagery from the infamous music scene in Laurel Canyon...

"I could see the cast of California Dreamers with embroidered flowers and peace signs on their backs drifting through a polaroid haze. I could smell the marijuana and the incense. I could hear the CSN harmonies traveling through the canyon from Lookout Mountain and the accompanying laughter of Mama Cass. I could hear the reverb of aged wood and the dulcimer being strummed like a drum. The familiar chord progressions, confessions and communal spirit that would birth timeless songs...songs we all wish we had written. I could feel the liberation, the friction and freedom from modern day digital distractions that laid such fertile ground at the feet of west coast poets and troubadours."

- Disc 1 -
1 Right on Time
2 You and Me On The Rock (feat. Lucius)
3 This Time Tomorrow
4 Broken Horses
5 Letter To The Past
6 Mama Werewolf
7 When You're Wrong
8 Stay Gentle
9 Sinners, Saints and Fools
10 Throwing Good After Bad
- Disc 2 -
1 Right on Time (In The Canyon Haze)
2 You and Me On The Rock (In The Canyon Haze)
3 This Time Tomorrow (In The Canyon Haze)
4 Broken Horses (In The Canyon Haze)
5 Letter To The Past (In The Canyon Haze)
6 Mama Werewolf (In The Canyon Haze)
7 When You're Wrong (In The Canyon Haze)
8 Stay Gentle (In The Canyon Haze)
9 Sinners, Saints and Fools (In The Canyon Haze)
10 Throwing Good After Bad (In The Canyon Haze)
11 Space Oddity

LABEL: Elektra / WEA
UPC: 075678638213

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