Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow (LP Vinyl) 196588049118

Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow (LP Vinyl)

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Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow

  • Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 9/15/2023

Classic all-instrumental album, originally released in 1975 and produced by George Martin.

Experience the innovative sound of legendary guitarist Jeff Beck on this vinyl reissue of Blow by Blow. His iconic style combines blues, hard rock, and jazz fusion to create an extraordinary listening experience. Consider it the ultimate celebration of one of history's greatest guitar players.

- SIDE 1 -
1 You Know What I Mean
2 She's a Woman
3 Constipated Duck
4 Air Blower
5 Scatterbrain
- SIDE 2 -
1 Cause We've Ended As Lovers
2 Thelonius
3 Freeway Jam
4 Diamond Dust

LABEL: Sony Legacy
UPC: 196588049118

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