High on Fire - Cometh the Storm (CD)

High on Fire - Cometh the Storm (CD)

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High on Fire - Cometh the Storm

  • CD

RELEASE DATE: 4/19/2024


High on Fire, the Grammy® Award winner, brings an electrifying experience to Spotify with their dynamic sound that blends sludge, doom, and thrash metal. Dive into a sonic journey as their music transcends boundaries, delivering a heavy and intense atmosphere. Their latest single, "Burning Down," amplifies the raw power of their signature style, featuring relentless riffs and thunderous beats. With High on Fire,

listeners embark on a visceral adventure through the depths of metal, where each note ignites a fiery passion for the genre. Tune in and let the blazing energy of "Burning Down" leave an indelible mark on your metal playlist.


1 Lambsbread
2 Burning Down
3 Trismegistus
4 Cometh the Storm
5 Karanlık Yol
6 Sol's Golden Curse
7 The Beating
8 Tough Guy
9 Lightning Beard
10 Hunting Shadows
11 Darker Fleece

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