Dofka - Toxic Waste Land (2x CD)

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Dofka - Toxic Waste Land 

  • Double 2CD re-issue of the cult debut 1990 album with 5 bonus tracks on CD1
  • Bonus disc CD2 including “Bow To Thee” demo 1992 and selected rarities and live cuts from the same time period
  • Multi-page booklet with the original and reimagined cover arts, band story, archive photos, info, credits
  • Restored and remastered audio by Jim Dofka
  • limited to 1000 copies worldwide

RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2024


"Toxic Wasteland" by Dofka, a metal masterpiece brewing since 1987, born in the heart of Wheeling, West Virginia. Originally released in Europe in 1990, this debut album immediately ignited the metal scene, garnering acclaim and dominating radio charts worldwide. Dofka's relentless touring fueled their ascent until 1994, solidifying their place in metal history.

This double 2CD re-issue of the cult classic boasts a treasure trove for metal enthusiasts:

CD1 features the original 1990 album with 5 bonus tracks, meticulously remastered by the legendary Jim Dofka himself.
CD2 showcases the raw power of the "Bow To Thee" demo from 1992, alongside a selection of rare cuts and live performances from that era.

A multi-page booklet adorned with both the original and reimagined cover arts, dives deep into the band's journey with archive photos, band history, and detailed credits.
Limited to just 1000 copies worldwide, this 2CD pressing is a must-have for collectors and fans alike. Released on May 31, 2024, "Toxic Wasteland" promises a neo-classical power/speed eargasmic shredding feast, tailor-made for aficionados of RACER X, APOCRYPHA, CACOPHONY, M.A.R.S., CHASTAIN, SAVAGE GRACE, GARGOYLE, and STEELER (US).

Don't miss out on this definitive edition of Dofka's seminal work, meticulously restored to its full glory for a new generation of metalheads to revel in.


CD 1
1. Intro / Solo
2. Doctor Of Death
3. Where The Monsters Live
4. There Is No More
5. Speed Mental
6. Toxic Wasteland
7. Taken All We Had
8. Dragons
9. Guitar Opera
10. Vampire's Curse
11. Pick Monsters
12. Can't Make It Alone
13. The Answer(Bonus Track)
14. Can't You See(Bonus Track)
15. Strength(Bonus Track)

1369 - Bow To Thee 1992 Demo
1. Suicidal
2. Lie Awake
3. Hold Your Fire
4. Bow To Thee
5. Leave Me Alone
6. Resurrection
Mars Sessions With Chet Miller 1993
7. Memories
8. Sacred Hymn
9. Stare Into My Eyes
Live In Pittsburgh 1993
10. Opera Of Faith
11. Doctor Of Death
12. Sacred Hymn
13. Until Dawn
14. Vampires Curse
15. Price You Pay
Slam Station Recording Studio 1992
16. Suicidal
17. No More Tears
Home Eight Track Instrumentals 1992
18. Ripface
19. SumDumMusiq 

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