Tim Heidecker - Slipping Away (Standard Edition, Summer Sky Spalsh LP Vinyl)

  • $25.98

Tim Heidecker - Slipping Away

  • Standard Edition
  • Summer Sky Spalsh LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 10/18/2024


After the breakthroughs of 2020’s wistfully lush Fear of Death, and 2022’s High School, whose tales of nostalgia were never quite as distant as they seemed, the multi-hyphenate comedian and songwriter Heidecker has reached a new peak with Slipping Away, his warmest and fullest record to date. While all of his albums are concept records to some degree, this one tells a story on a larger scale, offering an imagistic framework that allows for some of his brightest melodies, heaviest themes (the feeling of before the fall and after), and most direct and vulnerable lyrics.


01 Well’s Running Dry
02 Trippin’ (Slippin’)
03 Like I Do
04 Dad of the Year
05 Bottom of the 8th
06 Something Somewhere
07 Bows and Arrows
08 Hey, Would You Call My Mom for Me?
09 I Went Into Town
10 Bells Are Ringing

LABEL: Bloodshot 
UPC: 708857032310

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