Souren Baronian - "The Middle Eastern Soul of Carlee Records" (2xCD) (RSD 2022)

Souren Baronian - "The Middle Eastern Soul of Carlee Records" (2xCD) (RSD 2022)

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 Souren Baronian - "The Middle Eastern Soul of Carlee Records"  (RSD 2022)

  • Record Store Day 2022
  • 2xCD
  • "RSD First" Release
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The Middle Eastern Soul of Carlee Records collects the early works of Baronian who's probably best known as a key contributor on John Berberian's Middle Eastern Rock. Over two CDs, this set includes his early 50s work with the Nor-Ikes, and his early 70s albums Hye Inspiration and Middle Eastern Soul. This monster is a barrage of middle eastern clarinet, oud, dumbek, kanun, sax, tambourine, wild percussion, and kaval, along with finger cymbals and the occasional vocal from some of his favorite belly dancers. Still performing at 91 with his group Taksim, Souren Baronian is a living legend and he was nice enough to let us raid his tape archive!.


1. Siro Yerk
2. Makhmoor Aghchig
3. Héranom
4. Pinkeol
5. Ghéli Yébouy
6. Hey Yala
7. Geozlerin
8. Groovin' ""Hye""
9. Ser Khosha
10. Govand
11. Halime
12. Chifte Telli
13. Shek Mazerov
14. Laz Bar
15. Nane Souyou
16. Achchig Hos Yegoor
17. Chifte Telli
18. Norike Bar
19. Chem-o-chem
20. Dari-lolo
21. Khun Dzorin Dzar
22. Khorodig
23. Hye-Ena
24. Siroon
25. Min Elek Hub
26. Eench Anem
27. Herosi Bar
28. Aghli-Jen
29. Mesrobi-Bar

Label: Modern Harmonic

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