Drug Church - Hygiene (Indie exclusive, Yellow & Blue Vinyl)

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Drug Church - Hygiene 

  • LP Record
  • Indie store exclusive
  • Yellow & Blue Vinyl


Drug Church are a glorious contradiction. They are an unabashedly aggressive band that writes hooks you can’t stop humming: too poppy for the heavy crowd, too heavy for the poppy crowd. Their frontman is a singer who rarely sings and delivers lyrics that revel in the darkest corners of the human condition, but are just as likely to make you laugh as they are to make you flinch. They loudly shout the uncomfortable truths we prefer to ignore but somehow make us want to shout along with them; they make serious music but don’t take themselves too seriously; they are completely adverse to planning but have accidentally built a loyal cult following. On Cheer, the band has doubled down on their Drug Church-iest impulses and emerged with an album that’s sure to please longtime fans and turn new heads. If there’s anything intentional about Drug Church, it’s knowing the value of being unintentional.


1 Fun’s Over
2 Super Saturated
3 Plucked
4 Million Miles of Fun
5 Detective Lieutenan
6 Tiresome
7 World Impact
8 Premium Offer
9 Piss & Quiet
10 Athlete on Bench

LABEL: Pure Noise
UPC: 810540033259

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