The Stooges - Now Playing (Orange LP Vinyl)

  • $19.98

The Stooges - Now Playing

  • Orange LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 8/2/2024


"During the psychedelic haze of the late '60s, the grimy, noisy, and relentlessly bleak rock & roll of the Stooges was conspicuously out of time. Like the Velvet Underground, the Stooges revealed the underside of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, showing all of the grime beneath the myth. The Stooges, however, weren't nearly as cerebral as the Velvets. Taking their cue from the over-amplified pounding of British blues, the primal raunch of American garage rock, and the psychedelic rock (as well as the audience-baiting) of the Doors, the Stooges were raw, immediate, and vulgar." -AllMusic


Side One:
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Down on the Street
No Fun

Side Two:
T.V. Eye
Real Cool Time
Little Doll

LABEL: Rhino / Elektra / WEA
UPC: 603497824380

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