Exit Angles - Iterate (LP Vinyl) UPC: 659696553217

Exit Angles - Iterate (LP Vinyl)

  • $22.98

Exit Angles - Iterate

  • Vinyl LP
  • Standard Black Vinyl 

RELEASE DATE: 04/26/2024

Self-recorded and self-released, Iterate is a masterful exercise in catharsis through the fine art of DIY. The threads of Dischord-inspired post-hardcore a la Fugazi and Lungfish established on their first LP remain fully intact, with a watertight rhythm section anchoring the floating, exploratory guitar work and Demko’s signature wail. Just as detectable is the influence of obtuse, challenging post-punk acts like The Fall and The Ex, showing through in the often chant-like nature of the songs, falling into satisfyingly deep musical and thematic grooves. Conversely, room aplenty is left for the joyously anthemic influence of almost-too-obvious-to-namedrop bands like The Clash, with no shortage of classically enjoyable choruses on display.

Catch the band live this year, including a run of dates as direct support to Brainiac. 


1. From Here 02:22
2. Elimination Game 02:43
3. Sacred Name 04:28
4. Iterate 02:57
5. Sick and Tired 03:22
6. Presets 04:05
7 Lock and Key 03:11
8. Say it Anyway 02:21
9. They Want a War 02:47
10. Endless Cycles 03:33
11. Designer 03:14
12. Stay Wide Open 04:01

LABEL: Intentional Grounding
UPC: 659696553217

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