William Matheny - That Grand, Old Feeling (LP Vinyl) UPC: 793888875685

William Matheny - That Grand, Old Feeling (LP Vinyl)

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William Matheny - That Grand, Old Feeling

  • LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 8/4/2023


Vinyl LP pressing. While That Grand, Old Feeling is a document of Matheny's own journey as a seeker, he hopes that the album can inspire anyone else out there searching for meaning in their own lives, whether they're searching at a truck stop or in an album of old photographs. "I feel like I've just been trying to recapture that youthful excitement my entire life, trying to regain that clarity and that feeling of purpose," he says. "And it comes and goes. I mostly seem to be looking for it at gas stations and rest areas and at gigs. But I think a lot of people are probably looking for it in a lot of places like that, too. Pilgrim to pilgrim, I hope you find it."


1. Late Blooming Forever
2. Every Way to Lose
3. Bird of Youth
4. Grand Old Feeling
5. If You Could Only See Me Now
6. Heartless People
7. Down at the Hotel Canfield
8. Christian Name
9. Stranger’s Voice

LABEL: Hickman Holler Rec.
UPC: 793888875685

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