05/03/2022:     Pocket Vinyl Live at  Nail City Record

04/23/2022:     Record Store Day 2022

                       with performance from: Aaron Carey

04/13/2022:    WSO on the Go @ Nail City Record

04/08/2022:    The Sunflower Brothers and Broken Planets

                        The Sunflower Brothers
                        Broken Planets

04/02/2022:     John Dante & The Infernos w/ Chance Foley

03/06/2020:     The Infinite Improbability Drive at Nail City Record

12/07/2019:     Shout Fire-Twelve Eight EP Release Show

10/31/2019:     Halloween Extravaganza 3.0

                               Line up: TrailHeads

                                             Concrete Teepee

                                             The Pussyfooters           

10/04/2019:       The Nail City Comedy Picture Show

09/27/2019:       Pocket Vinyl return to Wheeling, WV!

06/22/2019:       12/8 Pop-Up show at The Loading Dock!

06/08/2019:        Mateo Monk with The Spiritual Underground at NCR live stage

04/20/2019:        D Wood, Spiritual Underground and Broken Planets @NCR live stage

04/13/2019:         Record Store Day 2019!

12/21/2018:         Premiere Night at Nail City!

11/24/2018:         Small Business Saturday

11/23/2018:         Record Store Day Black Friday

11/16/2018:          Jolly Holiday – Fantasy in Lights Parade Watch Party

10/31/2018:          Horror movie marathon

10/30/2018:          THE HORROR BUSINESS, with Special Guest Chad Rugola

10/29/2018:          Pocket Vinyl + Weird Lightening play the Landwehr Listening Lounge.

10/25/2018:         The Elephant Awakens: A promo for Quiet the horses.    Featuring local singer/songwriters Matt Heusel, Michae lafrate,                               Adrian Niles, and Joe Zelek.

10/25/2018:         Official Grand Opening Ceremony + Ribbon Cutting. 

06/19/2018:          Jim James - Uniform Distortion Advance Listening Party

04/21/2018:          Record Store Day 2018!

04/08/2018:          Timber Rattle // Drekka // Miss Monday

                               Line up: Timber Rattle


                                             Miss Monday

01/30/2018:          Pocket Vinyl and Michael Iafrate come to Nail City!

                               Line up: Michael Iafrate

                                             Pocket Vinyl

11/04/2017:          False Accusations/Younger dual EP release show. 

                               Line up : False Accusations


                                              Natural Selection



10/30/2017:       Nail City Record Presents : A Halloween Music Extravaganza

                               Line up : Chris Kuskey

                                              Concrete Teepee

                                              Adrian Niles