4TE! - City Jazz! (Sparkle Purple Vinyl)

4TE! - City Jazz! (Sparkle Purple Vinyl)

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4TE! - City Jazz! 

  • Sparkle Purple Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 8/5/2022 postponed to 09/23/2022


City Jazz is a collection of re-imagined Japanese and Cantonese classics, which is a veritable journey through sonic styles and emotion, riddled with well-thought-out arrangements and creative interpretations that simply cannot be done any better by any other group of musicians, as the main man/musical director/producer/pianist of 4te!, KRIZ B was quoted saying in a previous interview: "it's always a big challenge and not as easy as it would seem, re-imagining these well-loved classics; my task is to spin it 180 degrees yet maintain the melody and the spirit of the song," City Jazz is a very entertaining and well-rounded album for both the novice, casual listener, and has the rare ability - in it's accessibility - to reach even the most discerning aficionado of the genre. This Jazz Pop Fusion album will be released on 5th August and will be available in 180 gram limited numbered violet sparkle colored 12" vinyl LP.

1 Tantalizing (じれったい)
2 Hana (花〜すべての人の心に花を〜)
3 Don't Go (行かないで)
4 Sayonara (さよならの向こう側)
5 Fall in Love (恋に落ちて)
6 Men & Women (恋に落ちて)
7 Sunset Melody (男と女)
8 Plastic Love (プラスティック・ラブ)
9 Red Wine Heart (ワインレッドの心)
10 (遥かなる夢に 〜Far Away〜)

LABEL: Evosound
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