Alizée - Psychédélices (LP Vinyl) UPC: 3770026788103

Alizée - Psychédélices (LP Vinyl)

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Alizée - Psychédélices

  • LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition

RELEASE DATE: 5/26/2023

After two albums produced by Mylène Farmer & Laurent Boutonnat, Alizée comes back in 2007 with the album "Psychédélices" (RCA/Sony). Produced by Alizée herself and in which renowned authors and composers such as Daniel Darc, Oxmo Puccino, Jean Fauque and Jérémy Châtelain have participated, it is championed by the singles "Mademoiselle Juliette" and "Fifty-Sixty".

Since then, the singer has recovered the rights to her album and is offering a collector's reissue in gatefold vinyl and 3-fold digipack (with Madonna's hit « La Isla Bonita » as bonus) formats. For the occasion, all the tracks have been remastered.


Mademoiselle Juliette 
Fifty Sixty 
Mon Taxi Driver
Jamais Plus
Par Les Paupières 
Lilly Town 
Lonely List 

Bonus Track:  La Isla Bonita

LABEL: La Pocket Factory
UPC: 3770026788103