Ananga Martin - Moonlight and Fire

Ananga Martin - Moonlight and Fire

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Ananga Martin - Moonlight and Fire

  • Vinyl LP


About her debut album, Ananga says:

"This is my debut album, Moonlight and Fire.

It is full with breath and honesty.

It was created with deep love.

This album would not have come to be without the love, generosity, and talents of Adrian, Matt, and Chad. They brought these songs (and me!) into living, breathing fullness. Making this record has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life! Thank you my friends!

The Moonlight and Fire album cover was painted my heart sister Olivia Michele. Thank you for coming to all our shows and turning the songs into visual art!

Album photography was done by Rebecca Kiger and Suzanne Polinski.

I hope you find comfort and companionship in the words and music."

1. Hail 02:58
2. Union 04:11
3. Mattole 03:33
4. Dixie 05:27
5. Portal Surrender 06:19
6. Dancing Ground 05:02
7. Raven Rocks 03:00
8. Moonlight and Fire 04:15
9. Riverside 04:39
10. Over My Shoulder 03:37

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