Asking Alexandria - Where Do We Go From Here? (Aqua Colored LP Vinyl)

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Asking Alexandria - Where Do We Go From Here? - Aqua [Explicit Content]+

  • Colored LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition 

RELEASE DATE: 8/25/2023 postponed to 10/13/2023


The 10th album for British hard-rock band Asking Alexandria, releasing in their 15th year as a band. A retrospective project of sorts that saw band members re-visit their previous releases and draw inspiration from their most popular and successful songs from their discography. Fans will be ecstatic to hear that "Where Do We Go From Here?" features some of the hardest, loudest new music that Asking Alexandria has released in recent memory. The campaign for this album release will see three tracks released in advance to build awareness and momentum during UK, European, and USA touring. The first radio track "Psycho" services in June to radio stations around the world. With over 2M Spotify followers, 6 Billboard 200 charting albums (3 appearing in the top 10) and recent success at radio ("Alone Again" was the band's first #1 Rock Radio single) have primed the band for another successful campaign in 2023 with "Where Do We Go From Here?".

1 Bad Blood
2 Things Could Be Different
3 Let Go
4 Psycho
5 Dark Void
6 Nothing Left
7 Feel
8 Let the Dead Take Me
9 Kill It with Fire
10 Holding on to Something More
11 Where Do We Go from Here?

LABEL: Better Noise Music
UPC: 846070053818

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