Automatic - Excess (Indie Exclusive, Blue vinyl)

Automatic - Excess (Indie Exclusive, Blue vinyl)

  • $31.99

Automatic - Excess 

  • Indie Exclusive
  • Blue vinyl


' Excess is Automatic's new album following their 2019 debut Signal. The band distills themes of 70s and 80s corporate excess, dystopian sci-fi and climate change into catchy, fresh alternative electronic songs sure to find fans among rock lovers of all stripes. ' The motorik and icy atmospheres of Automatic's debut Signal remain, but Excess sees the band widening their scope, folding catchy pop hooks into their sound. The result is a tighter, punchier Automatic: danceable synth-punk for the end of days. ' Campaign creative to include several videos and new photos, merch and content tying into album's themes, from the mirrored bodice on the album cover to a series of photos shot at the Salton Sea and retrofuturistic videos and content.


1 New Beginning
2 On the Edge
3 Skyscraper
4 Realms
5 Venus Hour
6 Automaton
7 Teen Beat
9 Lucy
10 Turn Away

LABEL: Stones Throw
UPC: 659457246655

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