Bardo Pond - No Hashish No Change Money No Saki Saki (Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl, 2xLP)

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Bardo Pond -  No Hashish No Change Money No Saki Saki

  • 2xLP
  • Vinyl LP Pressing
  • Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl

Release Date: 02/03/2023

In 1993 Bardo Pond was fresh and still drying off out of their crawl out of Philadelphia's psych primordial ooze. A quartet in those early days, they assembled a demo cassette to use for booking and merch purposes titled cryptically as "No Hashish, No Change Money, No Saki Saki". This release largely remained a Discogs curio in the intervening years, never seeing a wide formal release in any capacity. Now, thirty years later, "No Hashish..." makes its first truly formal release in a mastered format and ready to daze their every hungry fans. Close to an hour of hazy, smoke-filled goodness spread over two LPs, this provides the proper soundtrack for a late night zone out accompanied by your chemicals of choice.


1. Hummingbird Mountain
2. Earth and Sky
3. Sometimes Words
4. High Horse
5. I Forgot
6. Rupture
7. Candle Light
8. Amen
9. Transistor
10. Round and Round
11. Lag

LABEL: Three Lobed Rec.
UPC: 634457109445