Barry Can't Swim - More Content

Barry Can't Swim - More Content

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Barry Can't Swim - More Content

  • Vinyl EP


Edinburgh born, London Based producer Barry Can’t Swim (real name Joshua Mannie) returns to Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour with the announcement of “More Content” - a forthcoming, 4-track EP marking the classically trained artists first solo release for the label. The record is a unique blend of skillfully crafted electronic production mixed with Barry’s trademark Jazz inspired strings and keys, channelling the fluidity and flow of a live performance.

Opening single ‘God Is The Space Between Us (featuring Taite Imogen)’ is a continuation of one of Barry’s older releases 'Lone Raver'. “They were both written in the same setting, being isolated during lockdown, and feeling reflective” he comments, “I wanted to retain some sounds and elements of ‘Lone Raver’ in this song because I felt like they're part of the same experience”. His inspiration for the track and its title comes from the 90's film “Before Sunrise” in which he pulls this quote as a direct source of influence - “You know I believe if there's any kind of God, it wouldn't be in any of us. Not you or me, but just, this little space in between” - from the film. “I love that quote” he adds, “I think what she's saying is that God and love isn't something you can own or acquire, but something that exists in empty space that connects people. It's always been there, and we tap in and out of it at various points in our lives. That was something I really wanted to articulate with the sound of this song”.

Elsewhere on the record we hear nostalgic and melancholic tones on ‘Can We Still Be Friends?’ featuring fellow producer Laurence Guy - a collaboration that came about organically, being fans of each other's music they got in the studio after bumping into one another one evening. The EP comes to an all consuming high on the 4th and final track ‘Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore’ - aptly named after a 1999 rave documentary by Mark Leckey, capturing Britain's underground club scene - in which Barry takes influence from a mixture of influential UK sounds, from Jungle through to Garage and Dubstep. “Living in London you hear so many different styles of music just walking about, out of cars or flats and shops, I wanted to channel that energy and appreciation of those genres”.


1. Sonder
2. Can We Still Be Friends? (with Laurence Guy)
3. God Is The Space Between Us (feat. Taite Imogen) 
4. Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore 

ABEL: Technicolour
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