Ben Harper - Wide Open Light (LP Vinyl) UPC: 810098501460

Ben Harper - Wide Open Light (LP Vinyl)

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Ben Harper - Wide Open Light

LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 6/2/2023

"Wide Open Light Is a family of songs I've written.

I've selected them with the care one might put into a personal photo album. To that effect, I'd call it a sonic family photo album, each track a close relative to the next. The story behind this record is simple. I have been writing songs now for over 30 years. It's what I long to do, love to do, and at times feel I need to do, and hope to continue doing until the ink runs dry and the notes fade. But for now, Wide Open Light. Deliberately minimalist, the songs themselves do as much of the heavy lifting as the production. (produced by myself, and my longtime collaborators Danny Kalb and Jason Mozersky) Featured guests on the album include: Jack Johnson guitar, vocals on 'Gone For Good' Shelby Lynne vocals on '8 Minutes' Piers Faccini vocals on 'Wide Open Light'" - Ben Harper

1 Heart and Crown
2 Giving Ghosts
3 Masterpiece
4 8 Minutes
5 Yard Sale
6 Trying Not to Fall in Love with You
7 Wide Open Light
8 One More Change
9 Growing Growing Gone
10 Love After Love
11 Thank You Pat Brayer

LABEL: Chrysalis
UPC: 810098501460

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