Blasting Rod - III (Random color Vinyl)

Blasting Rod - III (Random color Vinyl)

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Released February 23, 2021

Produced by Sven SHAH
Executive Producer: Chihiro

S. Shah: guitar, vocal, keyboard
Yoshihiro YASUI: bass guitar
Chihiro: drums and percussion

Monolithic Chorale for Freakout in X:
Houmei YANAGAWA: alto saxophone
Misaki ISHIWATA: trumpet
Toshinori TERUKINA: trombone
arranged by Mark D. HARDY
conducted by Misaki Ishiwata

Recording engineered by Yoshikazu “Dabo” TANAKA at Dabox Studio for Paradise Kappa, S. Shah at Studio 246 Nagoya and The Nest, Yukito OKAZAKI at Studio Zen, and Norihiro NAKAMURA at Studio Dub Reel.

Mixed by S. Shah at The Nest
Mastered by Norihiro Nakamura at Studio Dub Reel

Tree of Hope painting by Stela Casian
Design by Rockthing

Noriko OSUGI: Road Manager
“World Famous” Kenji in Nagoya: The Road Crew


1. Weedgrown Rocks (Space Rainbows in 7256 A.D. ver.) feat. Monolithic Chorale for Freakout in X
2. Switchblade Cars
3. Black Elk Crying for a Vision (Hanblecheyapi)
4. Nubbinz
5. Now I See (Archetypal Projections)
[Written and arranged by Shah, Chihiro, Yasui]

Label: Glory or Death Records

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