Bloodkin - Out Of State Plates (Indie Exclusive, 2LP Vinyl) UPC: 850037910298

Bloodkin - Out Of State Plates (Indie Exclusive, 2LP Vinyl)

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Bloodkin - Out Of State Plates
  • 2x LP Vinyl 
  • Indie Exclusive
  • Gatefold Sleeve
RELEASE DATE: 01/12/2024

Remastered by David Barbe with two additional tracks. Recorded 25 years ago and released on September 5, 1999, OOSP captures the promise of the young band coming into their own and includes songs that have become Southern anthems and are still included in setlists today. In addition to Bloodkin co-founders Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter, the musicians include guest artists Michael Houser, John Hermann, and Todd Nance of Widespread Panic, Moe Tucker of Velvet Underground and Dave Blackmon.
The re-issue includes the bonus tracks “Morning Chrome” and “Sing About Love”, recorded during the 1997-98 OOSP recording sessions at Chase Park Transduction in Athens GA.

  1. Never in Vain
  2. Taboo
  3. Wet Trombone Blues
  4. Who Do You Belong To?
  5. Yeah
  6. Tennessee Williams
  7. Little Blinking Lights
  8. Transfusion - The Magic Show
  9. Morning Chrome
  10. Sing About Love
  11. Something to Say
  12. Lifer

Label: World Will Turn
UPC: 850037910298