Boogarins - Manchaca Vol. 1 & 2

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Boogarins - Manchaca Vol. 1 & 2
  • 2x Vinyl LP
  • Gatefold Sleeve

RELEASE DATE: 2/17/2023


Following up their remote LEVITATION sessions, the world-touring Brazilian band Boogarins spent the pandemic picking up the pieces and shuffling the deck. Unreleased gems like "Far and Safe" had the lyrics reformulated by John Schmersal (Brainiac, Enon, Vertical Scratchers, and Caribou) and is wonderfully sung by Erika Wennerstrom (Heartless Bastards). Available for the first time as a complete set, this double-album features candid moments of the creative process of the band; an intimate look into how Boogarins shaped their most recent two studio releases and what was lost (but now found) along the way.


  1. Aquele Som
  2. Água
  3. Are You Crazy, Julian?
  4. Inocência
  5. João 3 Filhos
  6. Cães Do Ódio
  7. Espera Fala de Novo
  8. Sai de Cima (Live at Hotel Vegas)
  9. Tanta Coragem
  10. Make Sure Your Head Is Above (Voice Memo)
  11. Asmr Manchaca (Sombrouduvida Genesis)
  12. Noite Bright
  13. Lvco 2
  14. Começa Em Você
  15. Correndo Em Fúria
  16. VC Sabe Mto (Improviso Fábrica de Sonhos)
  17. Basic Lines
  18. No Meio de Tanto Cobertor
  19. Rolê Torto Rolê Torto (Improviso Fábrica de Sonhos)
  20. Derramado
  21. Eixão
  22. Você Sabe Muito
  23. Supernova
  24. Meto O Loco
  25. Far and Safe (Te Quero Longe) [Feat. Erika Wennerstrom]
LABEL: Org Music
UPC: 858073008597

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