Brad Mehldau - Largo (2LP Vinyl)

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Brad Mehldau - Largo

  • 2xLP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 06/16/2023


This seminal album from the acclaimed Jazz pianist, Brad Mehldau, is being made available on vinyl for the first time, 21 years after it’s initial release. The album, which was produced by Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, Mac Miller) experiments with electronic pop instrumentation and studio overdubs, creating a truly unique and stunning release – one that many consider to be one of the best Jazz albums in the past 25 years.


1. When It Rains
2. You’re Vibing Me
3. Dusty McNugget
4. Dropjes
5. Paranoid Android
6. Franklin Avenue
7. Sabbath
8. Dear Prudence
9. Free Willy
10. Alvarado
11. Wave/Mother Nature’s Son
12. I Do

Label: Nonesuch Records
UPC: 075597904901