Cannibal Corpse - Chaos Horrific (Indie Exclusive, Fog Colored LP Vinyl)

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Cannibal Corpse - Chaos Horrific
  • Fog Colored LP Vinyl
  • Indie Exclusive Edition 
RELEASE DATE: 09/22/2023

Since 1988, Cannibal Corpse have been at the forefront of death metal, shaping and defining the genre, creating a seminal, incomparable body of work over the following decades. In 2021 they raised the stakes again with their 15th album, Violence Unimagined, growing ever more complex and intense, and in 2023 they return with its successor, the equally monstrous Chaos Horrific, starting a new chapter in their legacy. Written shortly after the conclusion of the Violence Unimagined sessions (due to the pandemic keeping them off tour), echoes of that album exist in Chaos Horrific, but this is a whole new beast of its own. “To me this album feels sort of like a continuation of Violence Unimagined. The style is quite similar, but individually none of the songs on Chaos Horrific sound like songs on Violence Unimagined,” says bassist Alex Webster. “It’s a full-on death metal album, Cannibal Corpse style.”

1.Overlords of Violence
2. Frenzied Feeding
3. Summoned for Sacrifice 
4. Blood Blind 
5. Vengeful Invasion
6. Chaos Horrific
7. Fracture and Refracture
8. Pitchfork Impalement
9. Pestilential Rictus
10. Drain You Empty

LABEL: Metal Blade
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