Chon - Grow (Translucent Yellow/Baby Pink, LP Vinyl)

Chon - Grow (Translucent Yellow/Baby Pink, LP Vinyl)

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Chon - Grow

  • LP Vinyl
  • Translucent Yellow/Baby Pink Colored Vinyl

Release Date: 08/04/2023 postponed to 08/11/2023

When a band has the ability to paint a mental picture of their surrounding atmosphere using only the color and texture of the music they create, that is when magic happens. Hailing from Oceanside/San Diego, California, Chon possess that magic; captivating listeners with bright tones, infectious rhythm and groove, and complex guitar wizardry - all the while creating the illusion of being right there on the beach with the band in the sand. Guitarists Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel are truly the definition of the word virtuoso; a term that gets thrown around entirely too much these days - seamlessly blending jazz and fusion influences with contemporary freshness and their signature chill factor. After self-releasing two EPs, the band signed with Sumerian Records (Asking Alexandria, Circa Survive, Animals as Leaders) and will put out their debut full length GROW in the Spring of 2015. With a year full of touring ahead of them, and their most mature and polished material ready to be unleashed to the world, CHON is ready to bring the entire world's morale up.

A1 Drift (Hyper Potion) 0:36
A2 Story 3:51
A3 Fall 3:41
A4 Book (Feat. Matt Garstka) 2:44
A5 Can't Wait 3:11
A6 Suda 3:05
B1 Knot 3:05
B2 Moon 1:21
B3 Splash 2:30
B4 Perfect Pillow 3:38
B5 Echo 2:54
B6 But (Feat. Matt Garstka) 3:53

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