Circles Around the Sun - Language (LP Vinyl) UPC: 020286241089

Circles Around the Sun - Language (LP Vinyl)

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Circles Around the Sun - Language

  • LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 4/28/2023


Los Angeles-based instrumental supergroup Circles Around the Sun returns with the release of Language, their fourth studio album. The group, known for their genre-bending skills, pays tribute to their origins while introducing their first body of work with now full-time guitarist John Lee Shannon. The album sequence will take fans on a psychedelic journey to a place of refuge, celebration, and peace, reflective of the band's own journey.


Third Sunrise Over Gliese 667
The Singularity
Outer Boroughs
Away Team
Language ft. Mikaela Davis

LABEL: Mri Associated
UPC: 020286241089