Collective Soul - Vibrating (Blue Vinyl)

Collective Soul - Vibrating (Blue Vinyl)

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Collective Soul - Vibrating

  • Blue Vinyl LP


Collective Soul's long-awaited 2022 album release Vibrating sends the band's artistic spirit into the next stratosphere. All ten songs that comprise Vibrating positively pulsate with the boundless energy that has been Collective Soul's aural calling card for going on three full decades. From the propulsively gnarly kiss-off of "Cut the Cord" to the reflective midtempo jangle of "Take" to the heart-wrenching reality check of "Rule No. 1" - replete with a soaring string section, no less! - to the choir-backed emotional crossroads of "Where Do I Go," Vibrating contains 42 minutes of irrefutable sonic evidence of a band wholly uninterested in sitting still. "I think we're on a roll," observes Ed Roland, Collective Soul's frontman and chief songwriter. "We're not afraid to stretch the boundaries - but we do know how to stay in our lane when we need to. Sometimes, though, we just have to go faster." The many good vibrations embedded within the deep-rooted grooves of Vibrating await your endless enjoyment. -Mike Mettler, official Soulographer.

1 Cut the Cord
2 Reason
3 All Our Pieces
4 Take
5 Undone
6 Rule No. 1
7 A Conversation with
8 Just Looking Around
9 Back Again
10 Where Do I Go

LABEL: Fuzze-Flex Records
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