David Bowie - Low (Orange Vinyl, 2017 Remastered Version)

David Bowie - Low (Orange Vinyl, 2017 Remastered Version)

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David Bowie - Low 
  • 2017 Remastered Version
  • Orange Colored Vinyl
  • 45th Anniversary Edition

Limited to 2 copies per person/household *

Low is a 1977 album by David Bowie, widely regarded as one of his most influential releases. It was the first of the "Berlin Trilogy", a series of collaborations with Brian Eno. Contrary to the moniker's implication, much of the album was actually recorded in France and only mixed in West Berlin.

Following the release of the cocaine-fueled Station to Station, Bowie began to rekindle his interest in art. As a recovering cocaine addict, his songwriting on Low tends to deal with difficult issues; many of the songs concern lethargy, depression, estrangement, or self-destructive behavior. The format of the album was unique for its time: side one contained short, direct song-fragments; side two comprised longer, mostly instrumental tracks.

Although the music was influenced by German bands such as Kraftwerk and Neu!, Low has been acclaimed for its originality and considered ahead of its time, not least for its cavernous treated drum sound created by producer Tony Visconti using an Eventide Harmonizer.

Speed Of Life
Breaking Glass
What In The World
Sound And Vision
Always Crashing In The Same Car
Be My Wife
A New Career In A New Town
Art Decade
Weeping Wall

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