DevilDriver - Dealing With Demons Vol.ii (Indie Exclusive, Yellow And Black Marble LP Vinyl)

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DevilDriver - Dealing With Demons Vol.ii

  • Indie Retail Exclusive
  • Yellow And Black Marble LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition 

RELEASE DATE: 5/12/2023


As iconic groove metal leaders DEVILDRIVER enter their third decade with nine full-length albums, countless international tours and worldwide renown, they prove more resilient than ever. As the world was upended in 2020, DEVILDRIVER didn’t pause, releasing the highly-acclaimed first installment of their two-part Dealing With Demons saga, Dealing With Demons I. International media mainstays like Revolver, Metal Hammer, Kerrang and Consequence lauded the album, with Blabbermouth adding, “If the second half of this mammoth endeavor matches the first, this will be remembered as a pivotal moment in the DEVILDRIVER story.” And now, as society emerges more hardened and determined than before, so does DEVILDRIVER’s 10th full-length, Dealing With Demons Vol. II.


1. I Have no Pity
2. Mantra
3. Nothing Lasts Forever
4. Summoning
5. Through the Depths 
6. Bloodbath
7. It's a Hard Truth
8. If Blood is Life
9. This Relationship, Broken

LABEL: Napalm
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