Dokken - Now Playing (LP Vinyl) 603497831234

Dokken - Now Playing (LP Vinyl)

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Dokken - Now Playing
  • Vinyl LP
  • Part of Rhino's "Now Playing" Series!

RELEASE DATE: 8/25/2023

Ten Headbanging Classics on Vinyl LP!

Headbanging energy, molten-lava licks, anthemic choruses, and lots of raging hormones. These were the hallmarks of what came to be called glam - or hair - metal in the '80s, and none played it better than Dokken. After making their initial breakthrough in Germany, the L.A.-based quartet brought the fire back home, and these ten original recordings capture them in their platinum prime. Plug in your air guitar, raise your fist, and shout along!

- Side One -

  1. Breaking The Chains
  2. Tooth And Nail
  3. Alone Again
  4. Just Got Lucky
  5. Unchain The Night

- Side Two -

  1. It's Not Love
  2. The Hunter
  3. Burning Like A Flame
  4. Dream Warriors
  5. Walk Away

LABEL: Elektra / WEA
UPC: 603497831234