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Dope Lemon - Kimosabe (LP Vinyl Picture Disc)

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Dope Lemon - Kimosabe
  • Vinyl LP
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RELEASE DATE: 9/29/2023 

Dope Lemon is the musical project of Angus Stone, one half of sibling indie pop duo Angus & Julia Stone. As Dope Lemon, Stone has released three studio albums (2016's Honey Bones, 2019's Smooth Big Cat and 2022's Rose Pink Cadillac) and an EP (2017's Hounds Tooth). David Crone of AllMusic describes Stone's work under the Dope Lemon pseudonym as "embracing more of a woozy, electric, '90s slacker rock sound than his other projects. Slick guitar playing, summery grooves, and dreamy-eyed vocal performances decorate Stone's highly stylized songwriting."

Dope Lemon's fourth studio album, Kimosabé, is notably the first to feature Stone himself on the album cover.

"This record is everything that's me," he explained. "In the past, the artwork has been anonymous in a way because I was trying to explore these styles, and having this shield in front of me was beautiful – I could sort of slink around in the shadows and wouldn't have the public make judgement on the person behind it. This record, I had moments of clarity reflecting on my childhood, and I was able to see where I want to be in the future. So putting myself on the cover just felt right."

Kimosabé's title track was inspired by the 2018 comedy Step Brothers starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly and samples audio from the movie. The album also contains the track "Broke Down Casino" featuring guest Sloan Peterson.

- SIDE 1 -
1 Kimosabè
2 Derby Raceway
3 Golden God
4 Miami Baby
5 Just You & Me
- SIDE 2 -
1 Blue Moon Fox
2 Broke Down Casino (Feat. Sloan Peterson)
3 Slinging Dimes
4 Give Me That Fire
5 Lemon

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