Durry - Suburban Legend (LP Vinyl) UPC: 691835759623

Durry - Suburban Legend (LP Vinyl)

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Durry - Suburban Legend

  • LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 9/8/2023


As a band, Taryn and Austin’s journey happened both unexpectedly and fortuitously. At the start of the COVID pandemic, Austin and his wife moved back into his parents’ house, where Taryn was also living at the time. Faced with nothing but time, he got back to songwriting, regularly asking Taryn for input — or as the two playfully put it, “Gen Z quality control.

”The immediate result of their musical partnership was the pop-punk/alternative anthem “Who’s Laughing Now,” which leads with wry, tongue-in-cheek lyrics about the futility of young adulthood in 2023. After posting an unfinished version of “Who’s Laughing Now” on TikTok, it swiftly took off, galvanizing thousands of viewers who shared their coming-of-age frustrations. Clearly, the song’s sentiments - which land somewhere between a shrug and a clenched fist - resonated with millions of listeners, and today Durry have recorded a fully fleshed-out version of “Who’s Laughing Now,” which is set to appear on their riveting, perfectly sardonic debut LP, Suburban Legend.

Whether Suburban Legend is tackling romantic love, late-stage capitalism, mental health woes, or teen nostalgia, the thread tying it all together is its utter relatability. Regardless of where you are in life — city or suburbs, school or work, or pursuing a creative dream of your own — Durry will meet you there with a wink and a high five.


1. Coming of Age
2. Who’s Laughing Now
3. Hasta La Vista Baby
4. TKO
5. Worse For Wear
6. I’m Fine (No Really)
7. Mall Rat
8. Little Bit Lonely
9. Losers Club
10. Trauma Queen
11. Suburban Legend
12. Encore

LABEL: Big Pip Records
UPC: 691835759623

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