Elephant Gym - Dreams (Orange Vinyl)

Elephant Gym - Dreams (Orange Vinyl)

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Elephant Gym - Dreams

  • Orange Colored Vinyl
  • Limited Edition of 1200
  • Includes DL Card

RELEASE DATE: 10/21/2022 Postponed to 03/31/2023

A mysterious object is revealed; the drum sound of the rite arouses; flares are blazing; the soul slides through water’s surface; the breath lights up the air; the body as a sacrifice, I hear myself, in this dream.

The 12 songs that constitute Dreams, the third full-length from the Taiwanese trio Elephant Gym, explore the deep spacetime continuum that consciousness cannot capture. Beyond the trio’s staple instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drumset, Dreams blends in wind instruments, traditional drums, and Taiwanese narrative. Through collaboration with Hakka singer-songwriter Lin Sheng Xiang and pop musician 9m88, notable for their accomplishments in jazz, soul, and R&B, Dreams is a sweeping narrative about a fantastical dream that crosses the boundary. After pressing play, please do close your eyes, and enjoy the dream.


  1. Anima
  2. Go Through the Night
  3. Shadow (feat. 9m88)
  4. Witches
  5. Dreamlike
  6. Wings (feat. KCWO)
  7. Happy but Sad
  8. Deities' Party (feat. Chio Tian Folk Drums And Art Troupe)
  9. Dear Humans
  10. Gaze at Blue (Album Version)
  11. Fable
  12. Dream of You (feat. Lin Sheng Xiang)

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