Eric Church - Desperate Man (LP Vinyl)

Eric Church - Desperate Man (LP Vinyl)

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Eric Church - Desperate Man 

  • Vinyl LP


2018 release from the platinum-selling country music artist. Church comes roaring back with his new album-the first single from which (the title song) has already done major damage to the charts. Ray Wylie Hubbard is among Eric's co-writers here, and you'll encounter Southern-rock power, funky rhythms and the classic Bakersfield sound across "The Snake," "Hangin' Around," "Heart Like a Wheel," "Some of It," "Monsters," "Solid" and more. Chris Church won the Album of the Year in 2016 for Mr. Misunderstood and has reached Platinum status.


Side A
1. The Snake
2. Hangin' Around
3. Heart Like A Wheel
4. Some Of It
5. Monsters
6. Hippie Radio

Side B
1. Higher Wire
2. Desperate Man
3. Solid
4. Jukebox And A Bar
5. Drowning Man

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