Exit Angles - A Sickness and a Fire (Eco Vinyl/Cassette)

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Exit Angles - A Sickness and a Fire
  • Vinyl LP
  • "Eco" Vinyl - Randomly Inserted Colors
  • Limited Edition of 200 Vinyl and 150 Yellow Shell Cassettes

Exit Angles is here and now punk rock formed by Jay Demko (ex Lincoln singer/guitarist) along with ex Kukim bandmate Chris Turco (guitar), Shaun Lyvers (bass), and Brian Wolfe (drums). They recorded their first album to tape in summer of 2021.

Spanning 11 songs in nearly 40 minutes and mixed by J. Robbins of Jawbox, Burning Airlines, etc., A Sickness and a Fire is an expansive, thoughtful, and masterful debut that revisits and builds upon the angular Washington DC-influenced post-hardcore that Jay Demko first began exploring three decades ago.

Legacy can be a difficult thing. As much as it uplifts, it can also tether. But Exit Angles is a band free of restraint or the urge to recreate the past. While the DNA of 90s emo and post-hardcore is certainly detectable, A Sickness and a Fire is concerned with the now, both in sound and in theme. This is a record with far more to offer than its “past members of” hype sticker.

1. Defiant
2. Go Away
3. Fascism Radar
4. A Sickness and a Fire
5. Empty This
6. Lost in Celebration
7. Pride and Shame
8. Parallel Entities
9. One Hand
10. Suffering
11. Outro

LABEL: Blind Rage Records